Can you really lose weight on a low carb diet

Can You Really Lose Weight On A Low Carb Diet?

If you’ve been searching for the most effective ways to lose weight, you must have come across low-carb diets. As a matter of fact, most health gurus tell you that if you are dead-serious on shedding off those excess pounds, a low-carb diet is the way to go. But what Read More

5 Simple Things You can do to Keep Your Heart Healthy

5 Simple Things You can Do to Keep Your Heart Healthy

The human heart may not be the largest organ in the body but it probably is the most important. The heart is responsible for pumping blood throughout the body via the circulatory system, and it supplies oxygen and nutrients to the tissues; it also removes carbon dioxide and other waste Read More

What are the essential components of a healthy diet

What are the Essential Components of a Healthy Diet?

Living a healthy lifestyle includes eating a nutritious diet that provides your body with all the essential nutrients it needs for optimal health. Having a healthy diet increases life longevity, decrease in hospital visits and over all reduction in the likelihood of disease. But a poor or unhealthy diet for Read More

Top 5 reasons why Filipinos are seeking employment abroad

Top 5 Reasons Why Filipinos are Seeking Employment Abroad

Did you know that at anytime during the period April to September 2016 the number of Filipinos working overseas was estimated at 2.2 million? This is according to the results of the 2016 Survey on Overseas Filipinos (SOF) conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority. This number is expected to grow Read More