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My name is Alice and I would like to help you get physically fit and healthy while working your way to financial freedom and abundance. I will be sharing with you my journey to becoming physically fit and healthy as well as the steps I am currently taking to achieve my goal of retiring early and be financially free.

Growing up, I never had any issues in as far as my weight is concerned. I wasn’t fat at all, on the contrary, I was classified as underweight; underweight, not malnourished. Underweight and malnourished are two different things.

It wasn’t until I turned twenty that I started putting on extra weight, which is quite evident in my college yearbook. But I wasn’t really bothered at that time because I thought I could just shake off the excess pounds in just a matter of weeks. My plan was to skip a few meals and engage in more physical activities and sure enough, I did.

Almost a year later, I landed my first job and in just a few months, I almost couldn’t recognize myself. My face looked bloated, my chin had doubled (maybe even tripled) and my legs and thighs got really huge! I wasn’t as effective in my work as I used to because I felt so heavy and I get tired easily.

It’s at that point that I made a decision to get back in shape so I started taking Herbalife nutritional shake mix as meal replacement which is quite expensive at that time. After two months on this diet regimen, I gave up because I wasn’t seeing any results even though my distributor kept telling me that I was looking great and I’ll just have to continue.

So how did I lose weight? I went on a natural fruit juice diet” for six weeks. I didn’t have any solid food, just natural juices such as coconut water, welch juice (this is what’s recommended because it’s 100% natural) and lots and lots of water. It was really difficult at first, I struggled to control my cravings for food every time I see my boss and his family enjoying Thai delicacies. (We were on vacation in Phuket, Thailand during my 6-week juice diet.)

Today, I maintain my weight by trying to eat healthy foods, drinking more water and sleeping for 7-8 hours a day. I still indulge myself at times with some sweets but like what they say, Everything should be in moderation because anything in excess is harmful.

I also would like to share with you the steps I’m currently taking towards achieving financial freedom. I have been working for “somebody” for more than 20 years now and it would be really great to be able to quit my full time job, be my own boss in a business that I am passionate about and retire early.

And if ever you need any feedback or support regarding your health or financial planning, I’d be more than happy to connect. Simply leave your comment below or email me at anaciocoalice@gmail.com. Also, make sure you visit my site regularly as I am always updating it with new ideas and information that I come across that I know I’ll find interesting and beneficial.



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  1. Hello,

    My name is Brenda and I represent SweetDefeat’s Editorial team. Our blog focuses on personal wellness and building healthy eating habits, primarily on curbing the sugar addiction so rampant in our society today.

    I have looked through your article, namely How to Start a Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss that can be found here: https://stayhealthygetwealthy.com/how-to-start-a-ketogenic-diet-for-weight-loss, and noticed potential overlap/synergy between your audience and ours. We have written an article with a similar focus, here:

    Sugar and Weight Loss: How Sugar Affects Your Weight Loss Goals



    Might you be interested in sharing it with your readers? If so, you are welcome to publish it. All I request is that you provide a citation back to the original post. We’re open to long-term collaboration, and I would be happy to share more posts with you. Also my team and I could promote your posts with our Twitter followers.

    Best Regards,


    1. Hey Brenda,

      Thanks for reaching out. I really appreciate your interest in collaborating with me, which I think is a great idea. So I checked out your blogs and I like the fact that your focus is on personal wellness by cutting down or totally eliminating sugar in our diet.

      It’s my pleasure to share your article on my website, and I look forward to partnering with you and your team in raising health awareness among people of all ages.


  2. Hello Alice,
    Wow! You were very dedicated to stick to the juice diet! I couldn’t do that. I have had many health issues and had to learn to take care of myself also. I have found I can keep from gaining weight if I stay away from sugar (for the most part) and I don’t drink dairy milk anymore either since it makes my candida go out of control. I tried to go gluten free for awhile also. I don’t do that now but I am more aware of what wheat can do to us.

    I was used to being able to eat more since I had a very active lifestyle and after a car accident and many health problems I am not able to be as active as I was previously. So now, diet is even more important. I have found making big batches of healthy food on the weekend really helps since then I have good leftovers during the week. Then there is less temptation to eat cheap fast food. I also drink lots of water.

    Your advice here is great! Thanks!

    1. Hey Jessica,

      You have no idea how difficult that was, I mean sticking to only water and juices, especially during the first 2-3 days. But after my body got used to it, it was as easy as snapping a finger, you know what I mean.

      Going on a cleansing or juice/water diet takes a lot of discipline and motivation. So before you even start, you must set a clear goal and stick to it. Why do you want to be fit and healthy? What is the ideal weight that you must maintain?

      Sugar and chips are the main culprits for gaining unwanted pounds so cutting down on them will make a huge difference. I don’t advise people to totally stay away from sweets and chips. I think we should indulge ourselves once in awhile.

      Preparing big batches of healthy foods is a great idea to keep you from eating junk or fast foods. I do that too sometimes but most of the time if I wasn’t able to prepare a healthy meal, I would just grab an apple or banana and drink lots of water.

      Stay healthy because health is wealth!


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